Which Franking Machine is right for your business?

17th January 2023

Here we will help you to find out which Franking Machine is right for your business.

Not sure what size Mailmark franking machine you need for your business or office? Ashcroft mailing has a combined experience of over 40 years in the mailing industry, which means that whatever your mailing volume and budget is, we will find the best franking solution to suit your needs. All of our Franking machines are Mailmark compliant and offer long-term solutions for your business.

How to choose the right Franking Machine for your business. 

Choosing the right Franking machine to suit your business is more important than you may think. Franking Machines give a business the ability to save money on your postage, and it is important to make sure you are using the right machine for your mailing volume to avoid unnecessary costs.

If you want to discover how much money your business could be saving using a Franking machine, you can use our free Franking postage savings calculator.

The process to chose the right machine can be broken down into three main steps.

Step 1

work out how much mail your business sends each day/week, and what type of mail you send. (i.e. Letters, Large letters, parcels, etc)

Step 2

Determine which volume of Franking machine is right for your business. Our low volume Franking machines handle up to 25 items per minute, a medium volume  Franking machine  handles up to 50 items per minute and a high volume  Franking machine handles up to 310 items per minute.

Step 3

Explore the machines available for each volume required. We have 3 machines per volume requirement that could be right for your business. Find out more on our Franking machine  page , or in the breakdown below.

Types of Franking machines

Franking machines for small businesses

These franking machines are referred to as low volume franking machines, and are suitable for the average small business and entry level UK customer. Our  Low volume franking machine range is designed to provide a cost effective method to handle daily postage requirements for small businesses. This means that time can be used more effectively as less time will be spent at the postal office, as well as providing the professional image and convenience of franked mail.

Our AS145 digital franking machine is one of the best franking machines for small businesses, and can frank up to 25 mail items a minute. The AS145 also allows you to monitor the post that leaves your office from the comfort of your own PC.

Medium Volume franking machines

Our range of medium volume franking machines are idea for medium-sized businesses and will assist with the [postage process. Medium volume machines have a choice of automatic feeders to speed up the processing of mail. you can also take advantage of the InView online accounting to monitor your sent postage by class, format and department.

The SendPro C Mailmark franking Machine is the simplest, all in one technology for office mailing. This machine is capable of printing and sealing up to 50 letters a minute.


Franking machines for large businesses

Our range of franking machines for large businesses are all automatic, and streamline the processes of large mail outs, such as marketing campaigns. These machines are among the first mailing systems with the ability to print targeted marketing or sales messages across the full width of your envelope.

Our ASP1500 SendPro simplifies the process by integrating mailing and receiving into a single system. With this combination, the ASP1500 provides a simpler way to send letter mail and large envelopes, as well as track inbound deliveries. The ASP1500 can print up to 120 letters per minute.


If you are still unsure what franking machine you need, email us or better still, call us on Freephone 0800 458 2880 for a more personal service.