A letter opening machine is essential mailroom equipment and can save your business time and help your workforce become more efficient. A precision cut on one side ensures valuable documents remain intact, whilst minimising waste.

Take a look at our range of letter opening machines below:

AS75 automatic letter opener machine

AS75 Letter Opening Machine

The AS75 letter opener, makes a precise incision across the top of each envelope, meaning no waste is produced. Less waste means reduced risk of paper jams, so when time is of the essence, you won’t be delayed.

The AS75 letter opener handles a wide range of envelope types, up to and including B4 Size and will accept thicknesses up to 4mm.

The cutting device is securely housed within the machine, meaning it poses no risk to you or your employees.


  • Speed – Up to 300 letters a minute
  • Media Size – Up to B4 250mm x 353mm
  • Media Thickness – Up to 4mm
  • Size – 180mm(W)x330mm(D)x230mm(H)
  • Weight – 4.5kg
AS400 Letter Opening Machine

AS400 Letter Opening Machine

The AS400 letter opener sits comfortably on any desktop and is fast and easy to use. Capable of precisely opening up to 400 envelopes a minute, the AS400 automatically feeds envelopes through straight through to the stacker tray, ready for the contents to be removed.

A simple lever to adjust the cut depth, means that you can easily switch the depth of cut relevant to the envelopes being processed. An integrated waste bin, catches all paper chips to allow removal of waste without disruption.

The AS400 is both durable and reliable and made of the highest quality components and workmanship. The AS400 can save your business time and money.


  • Speed – Up to 400 pieces per minute
  • Media Sizes – Up to C4 envelopes
  • Media Thickness – Up to 4.8mm
  • Depth of Cut – 0.025cm – 0.178cm
  • Feeder Hopper – Capacity Stack up to 4cm. Approx 50 envelopes
  • Stacker – N/A
  • Size – 1020mm(W) x 400mm(D) x 360mm(H)
  • Weight – 22.7kg
AS306 automatic letter opener and extractor

AS306 Letter Opening Machine

The AS306 letter opener gets the job done fast! This easy to use machine allows even the most inexperienced staff to easily achieve maximum speed with very little effort and no training.

This letter opener combines the latest technology in mail opening and features refined ergonomics to aid operator workflow. The unit has an improved milling cutter and produces a soft feathered edge whilst protecting envelope contents.

Capable of opening up to 40,000 envelopes per hour, this machine can reliably open and process mail quickly and efficiently. Significantly, the AS306 is also available with enhanced sorting capabilities. Envelopes can be output to two locations based on programmable criteria such as thickness, length, and height.


  • Speed – Up to 40,000 pieces an hour
  • Media Sizes – All envelope types
  • Media Thickness – Up to 13mm
  • Depth of Cut – 0.25mm – 3mm
  • Feeder Hopper Capacity – Up to 400 envelopes
  • Stacker – Optional
  • Size – 1143mm(L) x 533 mm(D) x 1473 mm(H)
  • Weight – 110kg