SendPro C & SendPro +

Introducing a new generation of sending solutions from Ashcroft Mailing Solutions.

SendPro C and SendPro + are the latest all in one franking machines, designed to simplify your day to day posting needs. These new solutions provide a more streamlined way to process mail and ship parcels with Royal Mail and Parcelforce Worldwide.

Plus, save up to 75% on Parcelforce retail rates and take advantage of Royal Mail Mailmark™ pricing, with savings of up to 33% versus stamps.


SendPro C

The SendPro C is the simplest, all-in one technology for office mailing. This complete sending solution makes it easy to process mail, all from ocCne place.

Key benefits of SendPro C

Easy to use

  • Easy-to-use, Android-based 7” colour touchscreen display.
  • Process mail and shipments via intuitive support guides and easy-to-follow menus.
  • Complete each job quickly and accurately.
  • Print and seal letters at up to 50 items per minute.

Stay organised

  • Save more with increased visibility into overspending by easily accessing the right sending options for your needs.
  • Automatic updates and service notifications.

Ideal for any office

  • Small size and footprint enables SendPro® C to fit into any office environment.
  • Quiet performance


  • Rely on SendPro C when running batches and during peak periods.
  • Integrate SendPro C seamlessly into your existing operation.

For more information and full specification download the SendPro C brochure here.

SendPro +

SendPro +

Simplify the way your office sends domestic and international post with Royal Mail and Parcelforce Worldwide. With integrated shipping label printer and digital scale, the SendPro + is the ultimate mail sending solution.

SendPro + includes all of the benefits SendPro C as well as:

Accurate Shipping

  • Pay the right price for the services you select every time.
  • Connect directly to supported carrier accounts for accurate rates.
  • Higher capacity scales (choose from 12kg or 35kg) available for weighing letters, large letters and even larger parcels.

One address list to do it all

  • Select addresses from one list for all carrier shipments.
  • Easily upload contact lists or add new contacts as needed.
  • You can include email addresses for automatic tracking notifications on deliveries.

Ease of use

  • Print labels to an integrated printer.
  • Print and seal letters at up to 65 items per minute.

Track parcels and control costs

  • Consolidate your tracking information onto a single platform.
  • View and print one consolidated report of all parcels shipped.

Save and simplify

  • Know how much you are paying before you ship.
  • See all your carrier’s service options and pricing on one easy-to-read screen.
  • Secure sign-in with access to all shipments. See recent or view your history.
  • Enable additional users to ship, track or manage costs from their computer.

For more information and full specification download the SendPro + brochure here.