Mailmark™ Pre-Pay Reply

28th June 2016

If your franking machine isn’t printing the new Royal Mail 2D Barcode, otherwise known as Mailmark™, not only are you losing out on additional discount on postage but also the new pre-pay reply service with real benefits, not just for you but for your potential customers.

The pre-pay reply service enables you to choose between 1st or 2nd class, giving you control over the response speed, whilst allowing you to take advantage of the discounted postage by using a Mailmark™ franking machine.

Using pre-pay reply is also more likely to increase the response rate from any marketing mailshot you send out as it comes at no cost to your customer. Your customer can also post their reply in any Royal Mail post box.

Pre-pay reply is available in both letter and large letter formats making it easy for those important documents to be returned to you.

This service is exclusive to Mailmark™. If you would like to find out more information about Mailmark™ then please contact us either via our freephone telephone number 0800 458 2880 or email

pre-pay reply example