Creating a professional image

29th April 2016

Everyone knows that creating a professional image when running a business, is vital when your communicating with customers, whether they be old or new. The ways in which you create that image ranges from your appearance, website, social media, and even down to how you present your mail! As believe it or not a franked letter looks far more professional than a letter with a stamp/multiple stamps stuck on.

comaprison between the professional look of franked and stamped letters

As you can see from the pictures above, using a franking machine prevents unwanted and badly printed messages being applied to your mail, which look un-tidy and un-professional.

Whereas a franking machine not only provides a crisp clear cut print, but did you know they also allow you to apply your own logo and return address on to every envelope send out? This not only creates a professional image but ensures that if your mail was undeliverable it enables it to be returned back to you.


One of the best ways of spreading the word about you company and latest offers is sending physical mail out to potential clients. But did you know you can grab the readers attention before they have even opened your letter by using a franking machine? Many of our franking machines come with text facility enabling you to write personalised marketing messages directly onto the front of your envelope, allowing your mail to stand out from the crowd and letting customers know what to expect from your letter.

creating a professional marketing message

Don’t over pay!

If your using stamps you may find you are often over paying for your items being sent out by sticking on multiple stamps and in some cases you may even be under paying for them meaning your customers may have to fit the bill. This essentially causes customer dissatisfaction and does not portray the professional image you want your clients to see. All our franking machines come with integrated scales, allowing you to weigh every item you send out, so you will always pay for the correct amount of postage. No loss of money and no loss of customers.

Start creating your professional image now!

As you can see franking mail can improve the professional image your business portrays so why not start today? View our range of franking machines to find one that suits your needs and contact us on 0800 458 2880 or email