The AS Connect 500

8th July 2016

The monthly demands of sending out bills, statements, customer notifications and the like are a necessary part of doing business.

Now you can reap the rewards of turning your monthly transactional mail into promotional or revenue generating mail.

The new AS Connect 500 mailing system can help any organisation turn its regular mailings into revenue generation tools.AS Connect 500

Achieve your objectives

The AS Connect 500 is one of the first mailing systems that can print targeted marketing or sales messages across the full width of your envelope.

Engage your readers even before they open the envelope with graphics and promotional messaging. Import attention grabbing graphics, logos, return addresses and achieve your mailing objectives.

Full colour printing

Print colour graphics, logos and messages onto your envelopes at up to 1200 dpi to improve your return rates. Reduce envelope printing costs and make savings by keeping pre-printed envelope stocks to a minimum.

The Benefits of MailMark™

This product is MailMark™ compliant. Ashcroft customers have access to all the numerous features and benefits that MailMark™ can offer, such as:

  • Automated tariff updates eliminate surcharges
  • Cost-saving benefits and extra discounts compared to current franked mail
  • MailMark™ compliant machines are network connected for faster and more frequent downloads
  • Print your own Prepay Reply envelopes
  • Improve your mail presentation with promotional messages
  • MailMark™ compliant systems will always update to any
  • Royal Mail developments

Colour touch screen display

An easy-to-use, 10.2” colour display is the hub of your system. You can opt for a 15” screen, making it even easier to navigate your AS Connect 500 menus and access the suite of applications that support your mail processing.

Applications for improved productivity

The AS Connect 500 offers a suite of applications that allows you to benefit from even more value from your mailing system:

Connect with PB – log a service request from your mailing machine or chat to a Pitney Bowes operator using our e-chat function.

Royal Mail – locate an address or postcode prior to mailing.

Register your mailing through Royal Mail’s Online Business Account.

Apps – source new or cleanse existing data to ensure accurate and effective mailing campaigns.

Parcels – track the status of a shipment from your AS Connect 500 terminal. Send a new parcel using the cheapest possible tariff.


AS Connect 500 uses Pitney Bowes unique Dimensions on-the- Way™ (D-o-W™) rating technology. The unit automatically rates mail according to size and weight to enhance your mailing process.

Monitor Expenditure

The integrated accounting allows you to monitor your expenditure by postal class, format and weight for each of your accounts. Plan effectively by using the optional budgeting module and turn your mail room into a profit centre by adding surcharges to recover your operating costs.

Manage your account online

Access important information about your account online by using the Pitney Bowes My Account service. There’s an archive of statements, the ability to see order status information, view product and service information.