Why go digital with your franking machine?

27th April 2021

You are probably already aware of the savings to be made using a franking machine compared to stamps, but are you aware of the benefits of moving from an analogue franking machine to a digital franking machine?

We constantly look for the easiest, cheapest and quickest way of doing things, hence why technology is always progressing to make our lives easier; so why should you expect anything less from your franking machine?

AS175 Digital Franking Machine

AS175 Digital Franking Machine

With everything going digital, your business may have outgrown the use of an analogue franking machine, which means you’re probably making do with obsolete technology. This could not only be hindering the growth of your business but inevitably causing you to waste time and money.

Analogue vs Digital Franking Machine

An analogue franking machine connects via an old-fashioned analogue phone line. This means connections are often slow and unreliable and you also have the cost of the line rental to contend with.

A digital franking machine connects to the internet, either via a LAN or Wifi connection.  An internet connection allows for faster downloads and speedy re-crediting, plus the constant connection also minimises the risk of you being disconnected.

Digital Franking machines are Mailmark ready

A digital franking machine not only allows you easier time management, but they are also more cost efficient, as now all digital franking machines are Mailmark ready. This means further postage discounts, the ability to track how you do your post using in-view, print pre-paid reply envelopes and even reclaim paid VAT.

So whether your company sends 5 letters a day to 500 there is a digital franking solution to suit your needs.

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AsConnect1000 Digital Franking machine

Connect 1000 Franking Machine