Important Information – Decertification of Standard Franking Machines

1st May 2021

Important Information for Standard Franking Machine Customers

Royal Mail have set a deadline for all Standard Franking Machines to be switched over to Mailmark and are in the process of writing to all non-Mailmark users.

Mailmark is a 2D barcode that is printed on to each envelope which carries valuable information for the Royal Mail for security and tracking purposes and as a result of using this service the Royal Mail give you a further 8p up to 22p discount on each item of post, you also get the facility to Frank a pre-paid envelope meaning no need to ever send out stamped addressed again, and finally your post will get delivered quicker as the QR barcode is machine readable and will go through the Royal Mail scanning machines 50% quicker.

Ashcroft are currently working with Royal Mail with this meter migration and will be contacting all our non-mailmark customers over the next few Months, but if you wish to take advantage of Mailmark now please contact us on 01789 768 730 or fill in the form below.

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