Royal Mail Postage Prices 2022

27th March 2022

New Royal Mail postage prices 2022 announced!

As of 3rd March 2023, there are new updates to the Royal Mail prices. To learn more about the new prices, check out our Royal Mail Prices 2023 page.


Royal Mail have announced their new postage prices for 2022/2023. The new UK postage rates 2022 will come into effect as of 4th April 2022 and will replace the royal mail prices 2021.

The 2022 royal mail pricing increase will affect a range of services for all stamp, standard franking and mailmark users. However, franking customers will still see a beneficial saving over stamp users, particularly those using a Mailmark franking machines.

1st class letters sent with Mailmark will now cost 78p – saving 16over stamps and 6over standard franking.

2nd class letters sent with Mailmark will now cost 51p – saving 17over stamps and 9over standard franking.

Royal Mail Price List 2022

View the new prices for 2022 below – effective as of 4th April 2022

UK Standard
Royal mail postage prices 2022

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