ASP3000 SendPro

Mailmark Compliant™ Digital Franking Machine

  • Frank up to 310 letters per minute
  • Full colour printing
  • Colour touch screen display
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Make critical gains in productivity and efficiency

Your mail centre is a hub of business activity. How you equip your business has direct consequences to your costs and revenue. The ASP3000 SendPro mailing system is designed to meet the demands of your busy mail centre. It simplifies and integrates mailing and receiving into a single system providing a more streamlined way to send letter mail and large envelopes. With sending costs rising and becoming more complex, the ASP3000 can also quickly improve productivity and cost efficiency in your office.

Meet your daily challenges

The ASP3000 SendPro mailing system guides your operators with its easy-to-follow menu on the colour touch screen, so that anyone in your organisation can operate it. For letter mail, the ASP3000 will seal and print postage for mail up to 19mm thick at up to 310 letters per minute.

With the Weigh-on-the-Way and Dimensions-on- the-Way (DOW), sorting mixed size mail is no longer necessary. The ASP3000 can process a stack of mixed size mail at up to 205 letters per minute applying the correct postage for each piece. With the receiving application, you can accurately log all your incoming packages and important documents so that you have a history of every item that has been delivered to your office.

Intuitive user display

The modern, colour touch screen display of the ASP3000 enables anyone in your office to pick the ideal service and complete each job quickly and accurately. The system guides the user with its easy-to follow menus for processing mail.

Flexible printing

The ASP3000 also gives you unique control over envelope printing. From any desktop PC, you can upload your graphics to print a business logo, return address, or promotional message in full colour on outbound envelopes. Print just one or print a thousand. The savings add up. Its quick changeover gives you printing flexibility and can eliminate the premiums you pay for special envelope stock.

Manage inbound deliveries

Automate and streamline the receipt and management of incoming items using your ASP3000 and its integrated barcode scanner. The ASP3000 instantly logs package information, including carrier, recipient, sender, tracking number and date and time of receipt, keeping a history report of all your incoming packages so you know when each package was delivered. You also have the option to automatically alert the intended recipient with email notifications, making the entire process more accurate and efficient.

This Ashcroft Mailing Solutions product is Mailmark™ compliant. Pitney Bowes customers have access to all the numerous features and benefits that Mailmark can offer. For more information, visit:

ASP3000 SendPro Specification

  • Max processing speed (letters per minute) – Up to 205 WOW; Up to 310 LPM Non-WOW
  • Weigh-on-the-Way® (WOW®) WOW Standard – up to 1000g
  • Dimensions-on-the-Way® (DOW®) – DOW Standard
  • Envelope processing – Thickness: Feed and seal up to 16mm,, Media size: 89mm x 127mm up to 254mm x 355mm, Envelope flap depth: 25mm to 98mm
  • Receiving: inbound management – Integrated software with reporting from base system. Scanning hardware, number of recipients, email notification capability.
  • Full colour printing (CMYK) – Up to 1200 dpi; 22mm tall graphics
  • Envelope sealing system Pump-fed pad; closed flap feeding. Seal only mode standard.
  • Weighing (large envelopes and packages) – 7 kg standard; additional options up to 35 kg. Differential weighing
  • Postage accounting – 1000 standard; Up to 3000 optional
  • Expanded analytics – INVIEW (web-based)
  • Package tape printing – Adhesive roll tape or gummed roll tape standard
  • Colour touch screen display 15” detachable display
  • Peripheral hardware options – Barcode scanner, laser printer, wireless keyboard, power stacker and power stacking kit
  • Weight – 63.6 kg
  • Dimensions – With drop stacker length 1,565mm x width 648mm x height 635mm, Power stacker adds 788mm to length, Colour adds 165mm to length, Display adds 510mm to height

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