AS380 Mailmark Fully Automatic Digital Franking Machine


Mailmark™ Compliant Automatic Digital Franking Machine

  • Minimises costs
  • Detailed web based postal spend reporting
  • Process up to 95 items per minute
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Make your postal budget go further

The AS380 digital franking machine provides detailed web based postal spend reporting to help you take control of your expenditure The AS380 can print a return address on your envelope, so undeliverable mail gets returned. This quickly improves the accuracy of your mailing database and reduces expenditure on subsequent marketing campaigns. Even when not in use, the AS380 minimises your costs. After a period of inactivity, it automatically enters a low-power sleep mode, so minimising your energy bill.

Save money every day

The AS380 digital franking machine franks the correct tariff on each letter and parcel every time, so postage costs are kept to a minimum.

Easy to use

The interactive menus displayed on the control panel are intuitive and simple to use. They’re backed up by user-friendly instructions that lead even someone who‘s never franked mail before through each stage of a task.

Manage your time effectively

Up to five presets minimise preparation time for common jobs. And you can advance the date and prepare mail ready for sending later in the week – perfect if you’ve time spare today and a hundred and one things that need to be mailed out tomorrow.

The Benefits of MailMark™

This product is MailMark™ compliant. Ashcroft customers have access to all the numerous features and benefits that MailMark™ can offer, such as:

  • Automated tariff updates eliminate surcharges
  • Cost-saving benefits and extra discounts compared to current franked mail
  • MailMark™ compliant machines are network connected for faster and more frequent downloads
  • Print your own Prepay Reply envelopes
  • Improve your mail presentation with promotional messages
  • Enhanced Postage Reporting via INVIEW™
  • MailMark™ compliant systems will always update to any Royal Mail developments

Print promotional messages on every envelope you frank

Don’t just save money, turn your mail into a powerful revenue-generating tool.

Get your mail opened and read

Printing a promotional message on every envelope you frank ensures your mail is more likely to be opened and read ahead of mail sent by your competitors. On top of this, our advanced ink-jet technology produces a professional impression every time. It’s a simple and cost-effective way of letting customers and potential customers know your company has high standards.

Stay connected

An on-line connection ensures that you have access to an invaluable suite of services such as re-crediting, envelope messaging, postal tariff changes and software upgrades, without the costs associated with a traditional analogue connection.

Monitor costs

INVIEW™, our web-based, easy to use, reporting feature allows you to:

  • See your postage expenditure by class, format and department
  • Allocate postal costs to up to 25 accounts so you can bill clients or cross charge between departments
  • Monitor spending to identify waste e.g. overuse of first class or large letter format

A gateway to the future

The AS380 satisfies all current postal regulations, and the technology’s flexibility makes the AS380 adaptable for the future.

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AS 380 Specification

  • Maximum processing speed 95 mail pieces per minute
  • Machine dimensions 315mm x 840mm x 500mm
  • Weight 13kg
  • Minimum material size 89mm x 127mm
  • Maximum material size 330mm x 381mm
  • Maximum number of accounts 25
  • Monitoring and reporting facilities Postage and meter reports
  • Maximum envelope thickness 8mm
  • Capacity of integrated 2.5kg weight platform
  • Other weighing options 7, 12 and 35 kg
  • Maximum number of job presets 5
  • Connectivity method LAN/Network/PC Wireless (wi-fi) also available
  • Noise 55 dB
  • Electrical 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 3A

Other operating features

  • Auto-dating
  • Low postage funds warning
  • Low ink warning
  • Password security
  • Storage of up to 20 envelope messages
  • Text facility
  • Automatic label dispenser


A compact machine that processes mail quickly and efficiently. Can print marketing messages on every envelope you frank.

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