Smart Franking machine to frank with blue ink

14th May 2013

Together Ashcroft Mailing and Royal Mail are migrating all customers with a Smart Franking machine to frank with blue ink instead of the current red ink. This is happening following the successful tests on blue ink which demonstrated an improvement in mail machine readability.

Ashcroft, alongside the Royal Mail, are keen to utilise this advancement to co-inside with the latest technology in SMART franking machines, to support our joint drive to maximise the efficiency of dealing with all your mail. The good news is that Ashcroft Mailing have been given a subsidy in order for us to help the transition from NON Smart (Red Ink) to Smart (Blue Ink) and as one of Royal Mail’s first approved suppliers, we are delighted to be given this help and will be contacting all NON Smart machine customers within the next few months to offer any help and assistance.