Royal Mail to launch parcel postboxes

27th May 2019

Royal Mail announces plans for UK’s first-ever parcel postboxes

Last week the Royal Mail announced plans to install 1400 parcel postboxes across the country. The postboxes will be installed in more than 30 locations over a six month period.

The locations will include Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff and Leeds.

The parcel postboxes will allow customers to post their parcels in the same way that they currently post a letter. Postage will have to be pre-paid using either a franking machine or royal mail online services. It will also enable people to return their parcels providing they have a Royal Mail barcode attached.

The rollout follows a successful trial of the idea last year.

Existing letter postboxes were introduced in the 1850s and Royal Mail said the new move represented the first major change in the system since then.

The introduction of the parcel postboxes is brilliant news for small businesses and online market place sellers as it will allow for posting outside of regular office hours.

To find out more about the history of the post box and the parcel postboxes.

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