Are Franking machines cheaper than stamps 2023

1st September 2023

Are Mailmark Franking machines cheaper than stamps?

One of the biggest benefits of using a Franking machine is cutting your costs. Franking machines have much lower postal rates than ordinary Royal mail stamps.

Depending on how mush mail is generated by a company or the types of posts being sent, the savings by a Franking machine can be huge. The Franking mail prices apply across the array of Royal mail services and not just first and second class letters.

The price of a Franked standard first class letter is only 78p but it costs 95p when stamped. You can find how much your business could save by checking our postage savings calculator.

By switching to a Franking machine your business could save over 28% on postage costs. Also, services such as Royal Mails business mail advanced can also save your business more money. This service can only be accessed using a Mailmark franking machine.


Here at Ashcroft Mailing solutions we have a wide range of Mailmark Franking machines to suit all specific postage needs.


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