New Royal Mail Prices 2017

6th March 2017

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Royal Mail has announced their new prices for 2017.

The new Royal Mail prices will come into effect as of Monday 27th March 2017 and will affect anyone using one of their postal services.

As expected this does mean an increase in prices across the board. However, customers using the Mailmark 2D barcode will continue to get the cheapest possible rates compared to stamp users and those using a franking machine that prints the old style of frank.

Royal Mail Prices 2017

For a full comparison list you can download our Royal Mail Discount Chart 27th March 2017

Special Delivery Guaranteed 1pm, 9am and Saturday services will remain at the current price for all Royal Mail customers.

All franking machine users sending out small and medium parcels using Royal Mail Signed For services will see a price decrease, which will see some customers saving as much as 10p per parcel in comparison to the current prices.

For more information on the new Royal Mail prices visit royalmail prices 2017 or to download their pricing wallcharts click on the links below.

Royal Mail Franking Wallchart March 2017

Royal Mail Mailmark Franking Wallchart March 2017


If you would like further information on how the rate change will affect you or to enquire about the savings you could make by switching to a Mailmark franking machine then please call us on our free phone number 0800 458 2880 or email us