Folder Inserter Machines

Fold, insert and seal your mail quickly with an automated folder inserter machine

A letter folder inserter machine can be an invaluable piece of equipment for any business when it comes to sending invoices, cheques, newsletters or direct mail. Your mail will look professional without using expensive resources. You can even speed cash flow and improve the response to direct marketing campaigns. Plus, by preparing and sealing your mail in-house, you help to ensure its security.

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AS Relay 1000AS Relay 1000 Paper Folder and Inserter

The AS Relay 1000 is a simple solution for folding and inserting your mail. Capable of processing up to 900 envelopes an hour, this quiet and compact machine is a convenient way to automate your everyday mailings with ease, making it a smart addition to any working environment.

AS Relay 1000 Folder Inserter Brochure

AS Relay 2000AS Relay 2000 Paper Folder and Inserter Machine

The AS Relay 2000 is a fast and easy way to fold, insert and seal your mail. This table top inserter with a small footprint is capable of processing up to 2,500 envelopes per hour. Complete with an OMR scanning feature, this machine provides big results in productivity whilst being simple to use.

AS Relay 2000 Folder Inserter Brochure

AS Relay 3000/4000

The AS Relay 3000 can easily AS Relay 3000/4000 Letter Folder Inserter Machineprocess up to 3,000 envelopes an hour and the AS Relay 4000 can assemble up to 3,500 letters an hour. These reliable and productive machines, use OMR, 1D or best-in-class 2D barcode scanning technology to automatically fold, insert and seal your variable mail. The large touchscreen on both machines allow for easy use when setting up and processing jobs.

AS 3000/4000 Folder Inserter Brochure

 AS Relay 5000/6000

The AS Relay 5000 and 6000 are ideal for
AS Relay 5000/6000 Letter Folder and Insertermid-volume mailers, who want enhanced speed and accuracy for various mailing jobs. The AS Relay 5000 is able to handle up to 4,000 envelopes per hour using a simple straight paper path. The AS Relay 6000 can assembly up to 4,300 pieces per hour and also comes with optional high capacity sheet feeders each able to hold up to 2,000 sheets.

AS 5000/6000 Folder Inserter Brochure


AS Relay 7000/8000

AS Relay 7000/8000 Folder InserterThe AS Relay 7000 and 8000 both come standard with high capacity envelope and sheet feeders, this translates to 25% more throughput on the 7000 and 67% more for the 8000 when compared to other models. These folder inserter systems are also able to process letter and large letter envelopes in the same job with speeds of up to 5,400 pieces per hour.

AS 7000/8000 Folder Inserter Brochure