Important Information: Changes to Royal Mail’s Terms and Conditions

23rd June 2017

As of July 2017, Royal Mail are making some changes to their terms and conditions to help improve the services they provide for you and your business. As a franking machine user please make sure you aware of these changes!Changes to Royal Mail's Terms and Conditions 2017

Letter Services

Updates to the Franking Operational Requirements Document

Royal Mail will be updating the Franking Operational Requirements document (part of the Royal Mail Scheme for franking Letters and Parcels 2014) with details on the correct colour envelopes and plastic wrapping to be used when franking mail.

If you use a Mailmark franking machine you MUST use white envelopes and labels. All Mailmark franking machines must use blue ink as this creates a clear franking indicia when printed on to white envelopes and labels. This allows for Royal Mail’s machines to easily read the barcode and process the item correctly. The machines have difficulty reading the barcode on manila envelopes and dark plastic wrapping.

Please ensure that if you are using any envelopes or wrapping which do not fall in with these guidelines, that you are franking on to white labels and sticking them on to your items. You can purchase white franking labels here.

Correcting a mistake when using a Mailmark franking machine

If you make a mistake whilst franking mail using a Mailmark franking machine, you will now need to clearly put a cross through the incorrectly franked indicia barcode (careful not to cross through the price you paid) and initial it. You will then need to re-frank the envelope with the extra amount needed on the bottom left-hand side of the shorter edge of the envelope. You can also frank on to a label and place this to the left of the original Mailmark frank.

Changes to clause 7.4 of the Royal Mail Scheme for Franking Letters and Parcels 2014

Royal Mail intends to make changes to the Royal Mail Scheme for Franking Letters and Parcels 2014. These changes will be implemented as of September 2017, subject to consultation.

The changes will mean that any 1st Class mail that is incorrectly segregated and as a result is placed in 2nd Class franking pouches, mail bags or trays, could receive a 2nd Class service.

Please remember to segregate your franked mail by Class to ensure you always benefit from the service you paid for.

Royal Mail Franking Scheme 2014


If you would like further information on any of the changes that are being made to Royal Mail’s Terms and Conditions then you may contact your account manager or alternatively visit