AS175 MailMark™ Compliant

20th January 2016

Based upon the hugely successful AS125, the AS175 Franking Machine offers a faster processing speed, with an optional higher weighing capacity, and also a monitoring cost centre which allows you to monitor every item of post that leaves your office form the comfort of your own PC.

The AS175 uses MailMark™ technology meaning it’s up to 3p cheaper than normal franked mail and up to 18p cheaper than using stamps.

The compact design of the machine means it sits unobtrusively on a desktop and its integrated weighing platform (up to 2.5kg), means there’s no need for separate scales. It operates with minimal noise, so won’t disturb other activities taking place nearby.

The AS175 is incredibly easy to use, there’s no need for a specialist operator or extensive training. The interactive menus displayed on the control panel are intuitive and simple to use. They’re backed up by user-friendly instructions that lead even someone who‘s never franked mail before through each stage of a task.

Unlike the AS125, the AS175 allows you to connect with the servers through a LAN connection as well as through an analogue line. The LAN connection means you can access re-crediting, envelope messaging, postal tariff changes and software upgrades, without the costs associated with a traditional analogue connection.

The AS175 satisfies all current postal regulations, and the technology’s flexibility makes the AS175 adaptable for the future.

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